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Using this free Backlink Checker tool, you can quickly find out the number of backlinks your website has. This tool gives a count of only do-follow links, so the total number of backlinks reported by this tool will be less than other backlinking tools which generally include no-follow links as well. As you may be aware search engines consider only do-follow links while calculating the authority. 

Backlinks are just like votes. More the votes, the higher will be your website rank on Google. Right? But, Google and other major search engines prefer quality over quantity.

This means, your website links should be 100% natural, legitimate, and from highly ranked websites to get you good ranks on Google. Hundreds of thousands of low-quality backlinks will land your website nowhere on Google. In fact, low-quality links will hurt your rank rather than helping it. So, it is better to have 10 good quality backlinks rather than 100 low-quality backlinks.

Free backlinks checker from Rankingo's SEO tools offers everything you need to know about the links to your website.

Right on the top left, it displays the total number of links to your website. 10 results per page show the exact location of your website links. By clicking those links, you will be directed to those individual link sources.

By navigating through each page, you will be able to check the quality of all the backlinks to your website.

This helps to easily determine the link-building areas like blogs, comments, guest blogs, or social bookmarks that are most effective to your website.

So, make sure to use the Rankingso's tool’s backlink checker to strengthen your backlinking process and get maximum traffic and rank from Google.